Sunday, May 29, 2011

Romance Details

Romance Details

Yesterday afternoon and evening, I had the good fortune of working with Paul Ernest, David and Luke Edmunson.  My job was simply to assist but it also gave me an opportunity to observe.  Even professionals  do not see everything in the same way. 

I noticed the bride's wedding shoes laying on the bed and I suggested to Paul to create a vignette and place the vail close to the shoes as if it could shroud them.  Since I was assisting, all I had was my iPhone to capture the moment.  (As all of you must have ascertained by now, I love to capture details.)

There's some something wonderful about creating art.  It seems like all the time my eyes want to find it.  I truly see most of my compositions as they are.  Who would have thought that my iPhone would become a wonderful tool to render art.  Although, I am not about to give up my large camera, I sure welcome the portability of the iPhone and the spontaneity it affords.  Thank heaven for little iPhones.

The whole world seems so much easier when I have to time to spend in my creative space.  The harshness of the realities that surround me somehow vanish and seem distant.  I truly become raptured by the moment.  It's a true joy that was given to me as a gift, something I will cherish for the rest of my life.

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  1. The iPhone doesn't at all surprise me as being the best tool to capture moments like these. But you knew that already!


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