Monday, May 30, 2011

Meet Jody: A Friend

Genteel Southern Lady
Jody Humphrey

It's been over twenty five years since I met Jody Humphrey.  This slow speaking southern belle was trained by anti-feminist in the fine art of fencing, diving, sailing, and other fine things in life reserved for those of a more civilized lifestyle.  Jody was groomed at the finishing school Gulf Park by the Sea for young ladies.  "In the 1950’s women’s education was dominated by the idea that femininity via subservience needed to be cultivated and taught to young women. Gulf Park By-the-Sea Junior College in Mississippi promised to make its students “feminine and not feminist.”

Charming and Perfect
At 80

Jody told me about her pampered past in a very deliberate southern drawl.  The finishing school was all about learning the finer things in life from manners, setting the table, to staging parties.  She learned to be the perfect hostess white gloves and all.

Lady in Waiting
Her education included mastering fencing, diving, synchronized swimming and sailing.  Times were very different then.  I will tell you though that Jody has blessed my family with her social graces.  She and my mother-in-law, Shirley, planned all of the details of our outdoor wedding, pool side near our friend's gazebo.  The prim and proper lady practiced her craft and wove her craft and charmed us with her details.  Jody simply makes everything pretty.  Her touch is wonderful and she spreads her joy of a finer time.

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