Saturday, April 30, 2011

Under the Influence

A Fall at Kaaterskills Falls
Near Palenville, NY

My friend Harry Sandler and our mutual friend Teri Lou Dantzler at different times have had conversations with me regarding the influence of other photographers on our work.  All artists are heavily influenced by other artists but we are also influenced by our perception and experience and reaction with our environment.  Artists and writers have for generations influenced each other's bodies of work.  In fact many have studied with each other and have lived near each other.  Artist colonies facilitate creativity and stimulate better results.  All artists draw from their experience palettes.

Yes, I confess, I am under the influence of my personal relationship with life and its experiences and my relationships with other Artists including Dan Burkholder, Harry Sandler, and others.  My wife, Kim, also influences my fascination with vignette details.

My name is Al Hernandez and I am under the influence.  Keep influencing me, I've got plenty to learn along this journey.


  1. Love this one Al. It's so true about influence. Good influence as well as bad, it all enters into us and we decide what needs to exit. Everything leaves its mark.

    I had a job where this grandfatherly Senior VP, every now and then, would stop me in the hallway and ask; "So Dragan, what do you know?"

    My response most always was, "It seems to be, never enough!" So true ...


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