Monday, May 16, 2011

Sometimes, You Have to Do ...

Barbie & Ken Visiting SouthFork
Parker, TX

JR Meets His Guests
A friend of mine is an avid Barbie collector.  I found out that she had a vintage Barbie and Ken on loan and she wanted to shoot them at several Dallas locations.  The project sounded like fun so I offered to lend a hand.  I enjoy opportunities to be creative.  Besides, I like staying busy and working.  It may be a while before I have an opportunity to get back into the corporate world, but I have to earn a living somehow.

I noticed that regardless of what I do and what I shoot, I always manage to put my twist on it, like a graffiti artist to a railcar or a subway train.  I use whatever tools I have before me and I do my thing.  Getting to exercise your passion is always rewarding.

Ready to Party in Dallas
Back to the real story, Ken turns fifty this year.  His hairline is receding just slightly.  He still looks chiseled for his age but he is a little more stiff than most.  His genetics are slight flawed in that regard and he has a difficult time bending his arms.  As for Barbie regardless of her age, well, she's a doll at any age.

It was fun showing Barbie and Ken our town.  I hope some of you will stop in to Dallas some time and look me up.  We will show you a little Dallas hospitality.  Ya'll come.

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