Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Strong Enough....??

Precocious Child With a Great Attitude
Midtown, NYC

Got all kinds of lyrics going through the my mind...after a year long work sabbatical, I may be once again joining the work force.  For those of you who have doubted some of the words that I've written, I want you to know that I was open with all of my feelings and as honest as I could be.  I disclosed both good and bad times, ebbs and flows.  For some I was too transparent.  I am sorry for that for some, I am too introspective.  Please understand that  I only know one way of being and that's honest.  I'm not a very good imposture.  I hope I didn't let any of you down.

There was a whole lot of hurt that I felt and what sustained me was the love my family and my friends poured on me.  It wasn't the end of my world but rather the true beginning of my self discovery journey.  The beginning of a job will not end my true discovery, I promise you.
Zack De Zon

To be honest with you, I can't hold back my desire to create and my pursuit of adventure.  Like Dad tells me, no one leaves this earth alive.  So like the cantor, I sing about what I experience and want to experience.  Like the Bon Jovi/Sinatra tune, it truly is "my life" to enjoy, cherish, and live.  The cadence I hear beckons me to march every day in the direction of my dreams and interests.

Unemployment did not change me, it only triggered my desire to fulfill all of my dreams sooner rather than later.  Postponing pleasure indefinitely makes little sense to me.  Postponing my photography passion makes no sense.  I have to continue to find my voice both in writing and the art of graphic perception (photography).

My biggest fear through out my whole life, was just the idea that I might not be strong enough to handle the most difficult hurdles.  The thing about hurdles is that its okay to knock them down as long as you finish the race.  The race is not over and I remain a contender despite the knocked down hurdles that got in my way.

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