Saturday, May 14, 2011

Frame Perspective

Wedding Gown on Weathered Armoire

Not every idea sells.  The enjoyable part of photography is that I can explore many ideas and save them for another day.  You build on what you develop today and store it in your memory.

Mantilla and Shoes
 On Old Dresser
Life is filled with many photo opportunities that take time to create but only fractions of seconds to capture.  This is part of life after my family that I enjoy most.  I enjoy making art from the things I see.  Each frame perspective is uniquely mine and nearly often never rehearsed spontaneous and on the fly.

I look around from where I am standing and photograph my world through my viewfinder as I see fit.  It as if I want to capture all of the chapters of a mystery book in one sitting.  I want to know the ending, frame by frame.
Bride in Waiting

There truly isn't anything special about any of us except that each of us sees different frames.  My eyes are wide open and I capture what my heart feels and needs to share.  If each of us learned to do this, I wonder how different the world would be.

It's my craft and gift some say, I pick up my camera, nod my head in agreement and prepare myself for the next scene frame by frame and craft my scenes to my heart's desire.

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