Sunday, May 22, 2011


Bridge Crossing
Jacksonville, Florida

Bridges have always fascinated me.  I remember as a child crossing over the major bridges of the boroughs of New York, the bridges included: The George Washington, The Brooklyn Bridge, The Whitesone Bridge, The Throngsneck Bridge, The Verazano Bridge, The Tappanzee Bridge. These were just a few of the ones I remember.

Their structures were always majestic and their strength outstanding and overwhelming. This photo above is a bridge in Jacksonville, Fl. I couldn't resist shooting while driving.   Fascination succumbed to temptation as I reached for my iPhone and balanced it on my steering wheel.  I shot several frames while motoring over the bridge.

We all need bridges along our journey to get us from one shore to the next;  otherwise it would be impossible to cross.  It's best to find the bridges that help us reach our destination. We accept the fact that tolls are always worth the benefits awaiting on the other side of the bridge.

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