Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sunny Day

Meditation:  Roaring Silence
Near Palensville, NY

We've had two solid days of rain and inordinately cool weather here in Texas. Even with my disdain for overcast and rain, I've enjoyed the fact that we received so much rain. I notice how much more I appreciate the sun after a bout of cloudy weather. Weather changes and storms pass. The air and sky are so much fresher after the storm.  The sky is clear, crisp, and contaminant free.

We appreciate the sun because of the clouds;  we love the storms because the sun parches us and we grow weary from its heat.  Its a wonderful relationship between clouds and sun like night and day.  It behooves us to understand both.

There is an ebb and flow in life. Things aren't always bright but they are never perpetually dark. I've a garden in our front lawn. It has small solar lights that absorb the daylite sun and light my garden path at night.

I think of my friends who have lit my path along the journey. I am grateful for all of you who have been my beacons. I wonder how much light I can absorb today. The thought of becoming a beacon for someone else intrigues and awakens my spirit.

Sometimes I choose words to reflect light and other times I let my camera record and playback images that speak. Words and camera speak what I experience but don't always comprehend.  The camera thrives on light and all of its shades.

The journey is long and I have a ways to go. I am thankful for both sun and clouds and night and day. I wonder about my beacon friends and I wonder whose beacon am I.

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