Thursday, June 23, 2011


Happiness depends more on the inward disposition of mind than on outward circumstances.
Benjamin Franklin

The journey is flux and filled with transitions.  As I observe my life, I truly see how transition explains everything.  Even our gravest enemy death is nothing more than a baton passing during  our life relay race.  Where one person's race end's, the recipient's journey begins or resumes.

The passing of a person we love does not have to be the end of the race.  It can very well be the beginning of ours.  We can carry the baton and move swiftly towards our own finish line and pass hope on to others.  The baton message is simply this:  as long as you hold the baton in your hands, you have a life to cherish and live.  Ultimately, at the end, you will share that baton and message to someone else.  You will before your life's end touch someone else; that is your destiny.  The baton transitions and transcends the finality of your end.  It immortalizes everything that you were and is commemorated by those chosen by you to carry it forward.

The transition that I am personally faced with right now is not about a job or a career.  It is about changing my focus from work to living and doing.  Life is not meant to be lived vicariously.  We are chosen to participate and to engage our being with those around us.  We are social beings born to create and destined to love.  The planet is our vehicle in our journey and marking time with the help of the sun and moon as we spin throughout space in our galaxy.  We belong to the universe.  Life spins and hope moves on.

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  1. Change is always scary, but once you've stepped through the doorway, you wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

    I quit my corporate job and started my design firm. I was so afraid for a couple of weeks after I gave notice that I couldn't eat. Then I realized, I could always go back to working for someone else if it didn't work out. Then I was free. I never looked back after that and had twenty incredible years.

    Same when I sold the business and came to San Miguel. Oh my, the best decision I EVER made! Go for it, whatever IT is..........


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