Monday, June 6, 2011

Happily Ever After

Bridal Dress for a Princess

I don't know what happened to me yesterday.   Whatever it was I hope it keeps repeating itself.  This morning I woke up early, fresh, and with a new attitude and energy.  The old Al was back and even my dreams were bright and optimistic.  So here I sit in front of my computer typing away trying to capture the mood for you.

Everyone of us grows up with "once upon a time there was...".   The rest of the story is blank and we spend a lifetime filling it up paragraph by paragraph and chapter by chapter.  It's a fairy tale that's made complete by choosing.  We are in control of the happy endings.  We write the script.

Wedding Day Dream
In a land not so far away there lived this princess who longed and dreamed of her  prince and wedding day.  She planned extensively the details of her dress for that special day when finally she would be together at last with her prince.  Her heart would be complete and gay.

The announcements would be sent throughout the land and the guests would attend their fairy tale nuptials.  Everyone would cheer for the princess and her prince.

They would dance and make merry until the stroke of midnight when their white horse lead carriage would arrive.

A wedding "fit for a princess" the throngs would say.  Off into the darkness lit by the joy of the multitude they would show, the princess and her prince, forever to go.

This is how we see it I would say.  Life is filled with princess dreams along the way.  To all the that have those dreams I contend, and they live happily ever after until the end.

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  1. Well written Al!

    It was also good to chat this morning. I understand all about waking up and still having "it" as we begin our navigation of a new day. Interesting how both possible outcomes conspire to making things happen, all the while we try not to lose ourselves within the din of that battle.

    Take care my friend.


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