Monday, June 13, 2011


Morning at Park
No longer forward nor behind I look in hope and fear;
 But grateful take the good I find,
 The best of now and here.
  John G. Whittier

Creativity enables us to temper the distractions and discomforts life brings.  It's life's crutch that sustains and comforts us through difficult times.  There's a part of me that muses if God was having a bad day and that's the reason he created earth.  It would not surprise me that if he had witnessed evil he may have wanted to create something good on a bad day.

Abandoned Memory
Taylor, TX
One of the joys of creativity is the mere fact that it enables your mind to get sufficiently distracted that you no longer see or feel bad about the unpleasant things happening to you.  You only see what is completely in front of you.  You are the first hand witness of what you can do if you let go of where your mind wants to wallow.  

Its not that difficult to imagine  or comprehend that cavemen got sick and tired of being chased by voracious animals and the regular perils of nature.  Someone got the brilliant idea of chipping it away or painting it on some rocks and caves.  Since that time, we've been painting, chipping, whittling and sculpting away our fears, archiving problems and great moments.  We were destined to create and make images to help us explain our earthly ordeals good and bad, then someone invented country music.

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