Sunday, June 12, 2011

Daily Walk

Keller Rock Garden

For nearly a year, I have walked four miles per day.  I find that it's a wonderful way to put everything in perspective again, loose weight, and to observe nature.  My morning walks truly help manage my stress level.  There's something special about how the sun changes my chemistry and mental well being.

As I walk, I realize that there is life happening all around me without my interference.  Birds sing and fly, ducks navigate in ponds, turtles bask in the morning sun, and fish jump to catch a surface bug.  It all goes on with or without me.  It's life.  

You have to get outside to see life.  You cannot be indoors and you certainly can't stay inside of your mind.  Life is wonderful.  Today I am grateful for the opportunity to still live out my life and my dreams.  I am grateful for the fact that I can capture it and share with you.  

It's been a tough year with many transitions.  I am having to learn to float and to let go of many things.  As I walk along my daily journey, I am reminded of the life that is all around me and present in nature.  I am also in nature and I too will survive in it.  We all do.   I am confident that I will be stronger as result of my recent trials.  Just may be down the road, I can help another sojourner along their journey.

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