Friday, June 17, 2011

Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee

There's something very real and earthy about morning coffee.  It's my universal connection with my history.  My great grandfather was a coffee grower near Lares, Puerto Rico.  Eventually some of my ancestors immigrated to Columbia and continued their passion for growing coffee.

Coffee has both romance and aroma as its characteristics.  It is communal and spiritual as it awakens us in the company of other folks in cafe's around the world.  It remains the most wonderful gift given to us by monks and purveyed by our Moorish friends.

Things always seem a bit brighter with just a cup or two of the relaxing brew.  Have your cup this morning, take time to enjoy and savor whatever blend you choose.  Enjoy the wholly communion it provides and the opportunity to slow down and simply enjoy a moment.  Sip it, savor, close your eyes and partake.  This is the body of life.

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