Friday, June 24, 2011

Dry Cows

Life Flows
Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

A while back an older gentile East Texas lady taught me  a very simple country expression.  She looked at me with her slate blue eyes and said:  "Al, you can't draw milk from a dry cow."  At first, I had no idea what this meant and what it had to do with me.   I was somewhat taken back and baffled with what that had to do with me.

Most of my life, I've wanted and looked for friendship and approval.  I've always gone out of my way to win someone over as my friend.  Many times, I've been disappointed by the lack of reciprocity.  Why couldn't that person be as much of a friend as me?  Why is it that it was always me reaching out?  Why couldn't that person sense my needs and be a friend like me.  Why is this "friendship" so one sided?

It all makes sense in the context of what my lady friend said.  Some people simply don't have it to give.  You can tug and tug at them all you want but they can't give you friendship and solace because it simply isn't there to give.  It's a sad lesson but its important to learn.  You can't seek approval from those that can't give.  Stop trying to draw milk from a dry cow.

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