Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Falling in Place

A Matter of Time

Failure teaches success.
Japanese Saying

All of a sudden, after being sidelined, things appear to begin to falling into place again.  I sense that something positive is about to happen even though I don't know exactly what it will be.  For a spell everything negative seemed to be happening at once and it was quite overwhelming.  The truth is that I learned to survive and to tread water albeit grudgingly and clumsily.  My survival instincts kicked in.  The same instincts tell me that something good is about to happen sooner than I might have imagined.

Although, my sisters and I still face the drama and trauma of an ailing aging parent with dementia, we appear to have things in place to handle the situation better.  The hardest part is simply coping with the emotion and guilt each day can bring. All of this is accompanied by a tremendous sense of hopelessness. We try to be supportive of each other and of Dad. The goal is simply to cope and to strengthen each other.

As I look back at some images taken just a few months ago, they appear to me to be super old and in the distant past. Time is moving swiftly and I recognize that I must enjoy each day as it is. I cant waste time wondering about what might be.  Sometimes, you simply have to live the situation you are in.  You must face challenges head on.

Despite all of the drama and emotion of the past year, I am grateful for the opportunity that I have enjoyed to become stronger a person.   I appreciate more the value of each day and the life I still have ahead of me. My focus now has shifted to living each day as if its my last.   Time is precious and life is short.  One thing is certain, none leaves this earth alive.

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