Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hasta La Muerte Nos Separe

Hasta La Muerte Nos Separe

My father has been an incredible caregiver to my mother.  He is always at her side ready to help her in any way that he can.  The amount of love and compassion he demonstrates is hard for me to comprehend.  This was the man who disciplined me and I both feared and respected.  Dad's love for his mate is unwavering.

Although I know I used the image before, I decided to interpret the scene the way I felt at the time.  I can feel the surreal moments like a Van Gogh painting.  It's important for me to express what I sense and feel.  I am grateful to have the outlet of photography to voice my views.

Dad will be there for Mom until the end.  Until the end, Dad will teach me how to be better person.  He has given me a great example:  until the end.  What a valuable lesson this man has taught me!

His nurturing has brought her back for us.  Its true she shows signs of dementia now but that doesn't keep him from loving her.  He lives for her lucid moments and she has provided him with more.  I am grateful for all of the moments of happiness that she continues to give him and I pray that there will be more.  Together their journey is made special by moments of shared love.

Life is not necessarily good and it's not necessarily bad; life simply is life.   We have to accept both because life offers us both.  We choose how we will handle our personal adversity.


  1. What a beautiful testimony of love ! Thanks for sharing about your folks. I can tell you have a wonderful family. Hope all goes well in the days ahead.

    Most Sincerely,


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