Sunday, June 26, 2011

Celebrate with Lucy

Lucy at 90

This week was certainly filled with life ebbs and flows.  Kim and I did find time to celebrate a few things.  Our friend Lucy turned 90.  Any one who meets Lucy becomes a different person.  Lucy fills you with her joy and spirit.  Like my recently departed friend Joe, she's a beacon, a heading and a coordinate of where I want to be as a person.

Lucy celebrates each day she's alive.  She shares her experiences and makes you want to be with her.  She also imparted that to her children.  Each has some of the same Lucy joy and spark.  Each enjoys getting to know you and seems deeply interested in listening to your story and sharing theirs.

Throughout the festivities, I was making arrangements for hospice services for my mother.  It was difficult to be cheerful when I wanted to be tearful.  Life goes on and I am grateful equally for both Lucy and my mother.  In the room was a two month old with a whole life ahead of her.  I wondered if perhaps she would be the next Lucy.  We have to celebrate life with Lucy.

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