Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Daze

Las Manos de Mi Mama
Josefina's Hands

Today we commemorate all mothers and try to atone with our mothers.  It's a day of reconciliation.  We make peace with our moms and recognize the tremendous sacrifices of proper motherhood.  We are here because of their perpetual sacrifice.

The pain a mother endures at birth subsides and soothes by the passage of time and the pride she takes in the accomplishments of children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren.  My mother never asked for much only that we eat everything on our plates and grow up to be honorable men and women.

With her hands she nurtured, fed, consoled, and when necessary disciplined me.  Today I honor her hands, her courage, and sacrifice that made me what I am today.  Some days she's completely lucid and some days she's not.  I empathize with her memory loss and cringe and smile when she remembers things about me, I would rather she forget.

Make peace with your mother if she's still alive, she's the only one you will ever have.  Forgive her mistakes she made because she may have not known any better.  If she's gone keep her memory alive by honoring her through your life.  Mom is old now at 90, but she very much is young and fresh in my memory.  

To all my friends who are mothers out there, please know that your sacrifice is appreciated.  There are some of you who have never had children.  I am sure you were able to impart that same love to other causes equally as noble as raising a child.  Keep loving, the world is better with you in it.


  1. Love the picture of your mom's hands. Beautifully worded, very touching, almost made me cry.


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