Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Drawn by Simpler Times

Simpler Times
Jefferson, TX

I never could understand the fascination with antiquities.  In some cases, I thought it was nothing more than discarded junk.  Now as I look at the heaps of discarded treasures, I am drawn by the thought of simpler uncomplicated times.

Although time is still marked by sunrises and sunsets and by the changing of seasons and the earth still spins at the same velocity around the sun;  time seems to move faster now.  I like to stop and reduce time into bits and pieces and fractions of seconds.  It's as if I am eating a cookie in small deliberate bites down to the last crumb.  You know exactly what I am talking about because you have also done this.

As a photographer, I've grown to appreciate even the crumbs left behind by a hurried life.  I collect crumbs and interpret their unique cookie flavors.  Time may march on swifter than before, but I can always reach into my bag of crumbs and enjoy what once was.  If you've not reached down into your cookie back and sampled the last crumbs, you've not lived.

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