Saturday, April 16, 2011

And The Winner is...

Nice Ride and a Great Cause

Like most people, I always sat on the sidelines and never really participated in any real cause.  It's a pretty strange phenomenon given that I was part of a generation that caused changes to happen in civil rights and helped put a man on the moon.  My generation even shut down a whole war that we didn't know why we were fighting for.  It was almost as easy as one, two, three.

My father named me Eliazer (actually it was misspelled on my birth certificate, and it should have been, Eliezer).  The name in Hebrew means servant of God.  Literally, my father meant for me to serve others.  I was born to serve and recently joined the Southlake Lions Club whose mantra is "Born to Serve".

Take a Chance
Even though I don't like the silly looking vests, I am grateful that I didn't choose to be a Shriners.  I wouldn't look good wearing a fez or riding a small bike.  Here's the deal though, our club will be raffling off this brand new 2011 Harley Davidson.  The proceeds will go to purchase a trained "leader" dog for someone in desperate need of assistance.  This person doesn't have the benefits of eyes and will never see the motor bike we will raffle off.

I am asking my friends in the US to please contact our club or visit our Facebook link.  Take a small chance and make a big difference.  You will be a huge winner. 

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