Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Too Busy? Get a Life

Productivity Americano

When 9/11 struck my father-in-law, a Texan, drawled:  "there must have been something we did to piss those people off."  A glance at this picture, helps me come to that same conclusion.  You see Americans don't rest and we sure as hell don't know how to relax.  We are obsessed with staying productive and earning a living.  Both are of course noble causes.

The problem we have as Americans is that we assume that our way of living is the best.  In our haste to earn a living, we forget to enjoy our life.  So we in essence live to work so that at some point, perhaps now later than we planned on, we can retire and do everything we've always wanted to do.  I am sorry but sunbathing at age seventy really makes little sense.  My body might not be willing to cooperate with me to do all the strenuous activities I may have planned for post retirement.

Here's my humble advice:  do it now!!!  Stop postponing everything.  Live a lot and pack it all in.  Enjoy what you have and stop hoarding for tomorrow.  It's going to come but please try to enjoy today.  By the way, I am headed to Coney Island with my friend Harry today.  I plan on enjoying a delicacy called a Nathan's Hot Dog with everything on it.  Care to join me?

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