Sunday, April 10, 2011

Point of View

Calla Submersed in Water

For many years, I never could reconcile my obsession with details.  I could understand my obsession with algebraic relationships because of my finance degree.  However, I could not comprehend why I gravitated to visual details.  I see the micro at times easier than I can see the macro.  Photography has become a perfect venue for mastering my attention to details.

Calla Lilies in Cylinder Vase
I was watching a pair of wedding photographers rush through the reception area that had been so carefully filled with floral surprises.  Some of the tables had tall cylinder vases filled with water and inside each were colorful Calla blooms.  I shot both through the glass to capture the bubbles attached to flowers.  Then I decided to get on top of a chair and shoot the vase from above.  I had to capture the details from several points of view.

The truth is that most of us go through life never noticing the pleasure that simple details provide.  I like to think that as a photographer, I cultivate and archive details much like a wordsmith collects verbal treasures.  I've come to realize that it's very okay to see things differently.  Life seems richer when I look at everything from a different angle.  What do you think?

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