Thursday, April 14, 2011

Not In the Picture

Not In the Picture Then

Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the
Benjamin Franklin

This morning I woke up feeling more introspective than usual.  I decided to open up my senses and allow the universe's gravity to pull me away from myself.  There's something special about the power of music that does this for me and provides me with a healing salve.  I found on YouTube Paul Simon's Capeman album and the song I Was Born in Puerto Rico and listened to it.  If you get a chance pick up a copy of the album its contains great music.

I love music;  it plays a vital role in my life.  Not only does it soothe me, but it also enables me to celebrate.  It seems that I can find songs and scores for all occasions.  

Searching for what to write is not always easy.  Like most artists and writers I come up empty handed now and then.  Life problems get in the way and the well we draw from appears to be dry.  It's an illusion of course, the well is still the same, we just can't see it.  Today the well filled backed up after a second look.

For those of you who don't know me, my parents and my sisters were born in Puerto Rico.  Mom and Dad along with my two sisters came Nueva York to find a better life and work.  I ran into this old photo again. It must have been taken around 1951 in the Bronx.  The family is incomplete, my brother remained in Puerto Rico and was killed in an accident shortly after (March 26, 1953) and I was not even born yet.  No one knew how things would unfold.

Time has passed, Mom just turned 90 and denies it's true.  Dad has spent his 88 years taking care of his queen.  They both made huge sacrifices for us and overcame many obstacles.  Life was far from easy but we enjoyed each other and our cousins.

The music is playing in the background and I am soothed by both rhythms and lyrics.  I like the music so much that I find another tune.  This time it's Marc Anthony singing The Eagles, "Hotel California".  I am ready to face the morning and start my day.  I have some good tunes in my head.


  1. Music is the time machine of the mind. I have had a few music journeys of my own, some of which I never want to end. Well written Al.

  2. Thank you....I like relating to life via music.


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