Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cakes and Flowers Along the Way

Marking Time with Cakes

We mark time and events along our journey with cakes and flowers.  Birth, birthdays, baptisms, death, Easter and weddings all have one or the other and sometimes both.  In fact right until death, each birthday is celebrated with cake.  In the West, we commemorate and have cakes to celebrate.

Celebration Bouquet
Life is nothing more than a passage of a collection of cakes, edible road marks along our journey.  Think of all the cakes you have tasted and the flowers you've sent.  It seems that our goal should be to season our life with as many cakes and flowers as we possibly can.  Memorable bouquets and edible memories make for a pleasant life journey.

Whenever possible have your cake and fill your life with flowers.  Don't wait for a special occasion simply celebrate your life and the role you play in it.

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