Friday, April 8, 2011


Bayou Bootleg Shack
Uncertain, TX

Sometimes the hardest part of photography can be looking back at what you've done.  There's always an underlying reason why you took the shot.  Interpreting requires retrospection.  How can you best make that image come to life? How do you make it resonate to others? 

 Cypress Trees and Light
Uncertain, TX
The eye explores what the soul inquires.  It discerns both beauty and truth.  The eye holds court and casts judgement on all it witnesses.  Each person's eyes hold different testimonies.  The witness is far from impartial and tainted by his own soul.  Each self incriminates his own testimony.  My testimony is simply how I saw it.  My soul interpreted it this way today.  Tomorrow, I may testify differently and perjure myself.

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