Thursday, August 26, 2010

Tried by Fire

We are routinely tried and tested by fire.  The ordeal of the fire makes us stronger.  We learn from the experience of the fire and through that experience we develop the skills necessary to handle the next fire.  At will, we recall how we handled the prior crisis.  Our resolve, like steel is tested and purified by the intense heat and experience.

During the past six months, I've been emotionally tested, as has my family, by the fire of unemployment and the bitterness and anxiety that follows the loss of income.  I've anguished about the lack of opportunities and available employment in a recessed economy.  All the while, I had to go through the process of discovering what I truly wanted to do.

Yesterday, did indeed turn out to be a great day.  By the end of the day, several opportunities formed before my eyes, unexpectedly, but all as a result of availing my spirit to the circumstances at hand.  In a matter of minutes, I could visualize that I could survive without a corporate master.  In fact, I could wean myself away from the corporate teat.  Despair turned into hope.  I recognized that I had past the trial and drew from my resources as had my father before me.    

Dad started over many times in his life.  He started all over after migrating from Puerto Rico in '49.  He had a three children to feed and another one would follow seven years later.  With no employment, limited language skills, my father became a skilled machinists.  Years later, in his forties, he again rediscovered himself after losing his job.  He became a baker and soon after, started his own bakery.

Dad was worked hard at his bakery with my mom.  They never had much but they had tons of faith and hope.  The bakery never really made them much money.  They sold it in their sixties only to get it back in their early seventies.  The next six years proved to be the most successful for my dad.  Not only did he sell his bakery at age 76, but that person was able to grow the business to 35 employees.  That person today has a thriving business because of his partnership with my dad.

In the final analysis, we are all survivors.  Like my Dad, I've been tested.  Dad understood his strengths and knew it was his responsibility to make it happen.  Finding our purpose and passion and moving ourselves in that direction are key.

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