Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lost and Found

Discovering Self
San Francisco de Asis
Ranchos de Taos, NM

Some people find religion; they find "Jesus".  I've never fully been able to comprehend the notion.  I never knew that either religion or Jesus was ever lost.  What I know is this:  we do lose touch of who we are.  Things distract us along our journey.  Earning a living may very well keep us from enjoying life itself.

Self-discovery is an intimate personal journey.  It's not about "finding" but rather reacquainting oneself with yourself.  Do you know what you like and do you accept it?  Do you ignore those feelings of joy, sorrow, or even anger?  Do you accept those feelings as being part of who you are?   Do understand your creativity and uniqueness?  Do you value it?

The awareness that comes with self-discovery enables you to make smoother transitions in your life as you change and life changes.  You cope and you comprehend those intangible but very real feelings.  They are a part of you.  You learn to deal with and manage your feelings.

During this process, I have found that there are many passions in my life.  I enjoy the companionship and friendship of my wife, Kim.  I enjoy my grown up children.  I also enjoy my friendships, old and new.  Of course I truly enjoy my photography, talking with people, and learning from them.  These traits and passions are all part of me and I choose to photograph and write about them.   The mixture of this chemistry is what makes me uniquely me.  It's uniquely mine.

I've not lost anything over the years in fact I've gained.  A more accurate statement for me is that I've chosen to reacquaint myself with what I like and who I really am.  There's more to me than meets the eye and that my camera lens can capture.  The speed of how I capture it really does not matter.  It simply is more important for me to capture it, embrace it, and harness the energy that is within.  Go through the exercise.  You will be pleasantly surprised.

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