Sunday, August 29, 2010

Do You have a Cookie?

Someplace Different
Caddo Lake

Years ago when we moved from the Bronx to the small town of Winsted, CT, my mother says that in order to make friends, I would offer them an Oreo cookie.  I spoke limited amounts of English but I overcame that handicap with my bag of cookies.  It seems that cookies were a universal language that most in my neighborhood understood.

It was a life lesson, I never forgot through out my sales and business career.  If you want someone to listen to you and you don't speak their language, it helps to have a cookie.  I mean why should someone want to listen to you, if you have nothing to offer?

Now of course, I didn't spend most of my adult life with a pocket full of cookies.  I learned that a cookie could also be differentiating yourself by what you know.  I chose to become an interesting person.  I morphed myself into the cookie.  All I did was put myself in the shoes of my customer.  Why should they want to meet with you?  I gave myself permission to be the person I am today, cookies and all.

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