Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Longhorn Calf in Meadow
Keller, Tx

Several days have passed since we've spoken.  I wish I could say that I've been overwhelmed with work and that it was my excuse.  Instead, I can only say that I've been underwhelmed and uninspired.   Since I've always criticized folks who spoke gibberish,  I've been reluctant to speak.  Nothing seemed to inspire me.

Today, my visual sense of inspiration resurrected itself of it's own accord.  Like Lazarus, it awoke from the dead.  With my iPhone in hand, I captured my friends the longhorns grazing in the meadow feasting on a morning breakfast of bermuda grass.

That was all I needed to get going again, a gentle prodding my old friend, photography.  My friend forced me to engage and create.   (There's nothing better that soothes my soul than the action of creativity.  I gather tremendous sense of worth when I create.)

Filling The Frame
As I waited and watched the cattle in the meadow, I noticed that they gradually mooved (pun intended) towards me.  Before I knew it, all sense of fear left the longhorns.  Their bashfulness vanished.  The herd was inches away from my iPhone and me.

I wonder how many opportunities I've missed by not being patient.  How many opportunities are simply inches away, if we only seek them.  It's important for me to avail myself to them.  Today, I am ready.

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