Saturday, August 14, 2010

Get Rid Of: I and Why

Satori Moment

It amazes me where and how I find material to write.  For me it's a matter of keeping my eyes and ears open and my mind free from clutter and noise.  I met an interesting older (seasoned) gentleman at the coffee shop.  He joined in on the conversation a friend of mine and I were having.  His advice to me was very simple and direct.  He looked at me squarely in the eyes smiling the whole time and said "get rid of these two words:  I and why."

Certainly this was an omen.  My friend and I had just finished discussing how we needed to let go of our egos.  That it meant to stop thinking that everything revolves around us.  In order to do that we needed to take ourselves out of the equation.  To that extent, we had the "I" portion of the formula covered.

Now the "why, totally slipped my grasp.  It's simplicity amazed me.  We need to transition ourselves from why something happens to acceptance.  We cope and deal with the situation at hand.  Good God almighty, why didn't I understand this six months ago?

I get it now.  We can create our own happiness when we let go of our ego and learn acceptance of what is happening all around us.  If we accept that life is changing and we are changing and that we will eventually will die; life becomes less stressful.  We cope and deal with the situation at hand.   It's at that point that we can enjoy just being and living.  

Where was this shaman six months ago?  Would have I listened?  I am absolutely overwhelmed by such a simple thought.  It's as if a complicated algebraic formula had just been explained to me.  The light bulb certainly turned on today.  This was the best sermon I have ever heard and it was uttered in less than a minute.  The journey can be smoother when we forget that it's not just happening to us and when we learn to accept the changes that life brings.  We don't have to like them.  Truly an epiphany today, my own Satori moment.

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