Sunday, August 8, 2010


Window Panes of Old Abandoned Gas Station
Melrose, NM

An artist once told me that our eyes are drawn to windows and openings.  Our heart is curious about the possibilities.  All we want is simply a chance, an opportunity to explore.

Life is full of doors and windows.  Learning to find the ones that are open is a life long process.  Our soul continues to seek them as long as we reman curious.

An Open Window
Taos, NM
There are no shut doors and permanently closed windows.  At some point, they will open up again.  That's their destiny.  That's their purpose.  As I contemplate today about all the closed doors and windows of opportunity, I remind myself how they will in time open again.  

We will find many doors and windows along our journey.  Keep in mind that closed ones will open.  Be patient and keep looking for them.  There purpose is to open and close; your purpose is to find them.

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