Tuesday, August 3, 2010

End Of The Road

Endless Road?

I travelled down dusty roads in the Texas "Panhandle" that I thought had no end.  All roads have a beginning and ending.  Our journey started when we were born and it will end when we die.  There is so much to experience in between beginning and ending!

On this past trip, I literally reached the end of some roads and the beginning of others.  I travelled on highway 120 in New Mexico on my way to Taos.  Someone forgot to tell Mapquest that the road ends and turns unpaved up into the mountains.  Unfortunately, I did not have a four wheel drive vehicle and I turned around and found another way to Taos, around the mountains.  The shortcut I thought I had found proved to be longer than what I had planned.

The are times we come to the end of the road.  We forge new roads like the Roman proverb:  "where there is no way, we will either find one or build one."   The journey leads us down many paths.   Necessity dictates that we find our own way.  There's too much opportunity ahead between beginning and ending.  I don't want to miss out.

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