Saturday, March 30, 2013

You Never Know

Headwaters of the San Pedro River
Whetstone, AZ

My job often takes me to remote locations off the beaten path. Have to admit there are times I wonder what I am doing and why. Then I encounter something out of the ordinary. Something which catches my eye and heightens my curiosity. There's always time to pull off to the side of the road and compose an image.

Junk Yard
Whetstone, AZ
Several weeks ago my assignment was to visit a landfill and also  find an abandoned junk yard. Truthfully this was beyond a the beaten path and remote enough that it could not be found on a GPS. It was well worth the trip down several unpaved gravel roads. At a dip in the road, in the midst of the high desert, I found this refreshing stream surrounded by stately cottonwoods. The light peaked through clouds and branches and softly lit the grass along the stream. Everything was picture perfect. I took a few shots from my car window and then moved on.

Down the road was my find, the abandoned junk yard, amongst cottonwoods and unkept trailer homes. Old rust cars were strewn everywhere in all directions what appeared to endlessly. Still another photo opportunity of a different kind. This time I used my iPhone and thought about the story I would tell. You never know what you will find. Somehow for me, I find the time to make it all pretty and right. My heart wants it that way and my spirit won't give in until I make it so.

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