Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bloom Where You Are Planted

Asphalt and Flowers
Catalina Foothills
Tucson, AZ

Been walking on the asphalt pavement alongside the Catalina Foothills here in Tucson. Each day, I try to get a good four mile hike up and down the steep inclines. Usually, my eyes are cast on only whats immediately in front of me or along the periphery.

A couple of days ago, I chose to look down and  noticed that something was emerging between the asphalt cracks worn by the long summer desert heat. Blooms were emerging from this harsh unlikely place.  A few days later, I noticed that the blooms had become flowers and that nature was determined that even in this unlikely place we would witness something beautiful.

In my solitude, away from family and friends, I've often wondered why this was my immediate destiny. As I contemplated the flowers there between the asphalt cracks and to the side of the desert, I had my answer. It's my lot to bloom in an unlikely place; to bloom where I've been planted.

Slowly, the answers are coming unfolding it seems, a petal at a time. It's not financial gain that's beginning to happen but rather an evolution of a dream. Here, in this place, my work has blossomed. Soon it will be showcased at the Steinway Piano Gallery, appropriately beneath the Catalina Foothills within walking distance of my apartment. While I am here, in this place, this is what I am supposed to do. Sometimes we bloom in the most unlikeliest places, but we bloom.

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