Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Dragoon Boulders
I-10 Rest Stop
East of Benson, AZ

Made my journey back to Dallas. Drove five hours from to Tucson to El Paso, where I caught a plane for the second half of the trip. The topography gets wide open to the east of Tucson and the mountain ranges are further apart. To the east of the city past the the Santa Ritas lie the historic Chirahuacuas were the Indian warrior stood his ground against the US Cavalry and westward expansion; north and east are the shapely boulders of the Dragoon Mountains where Wyatt Earp captured and tortured "Indian Charlie" who had murdered his brother Morgan in Tombstone.

History and topography mix in this region a place of wide open spaces and plenty of room for thought and imaginations. Although I was in a hurry and had a deadline to meet, I took some time to study the shapes of these boulders with the hope of sometime coming back to shoot more. Georgia O'Keefe herself would have painted these sensuous monuments, I am sure.

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