Thursday, March 7, 2013

This Day

Gnarled Oak Tree
Lazy J2 Ranch
Patagonia, AZ

It's so easy to wish the days by especially when you are alone or counting the days towards something. Life has taught me not to do that. In fact, I've learned the peril of this behavior. You miss out. You miss opportunities to enjoy. You have to live in the present, right now. Take it in.

As, I was composing and shooting this scene another event was happening to my left. When I looked away from my photographic tunnel, the viewfinder, I saw a herd of mule deer running swiftly in the meadow next to me and hurdling barb wire fences in olympic fashion and grace.

While I acknowledge that it's important to look  straight ahead and concentrate on the task at hand, I know that its equally as important to gaze to right and left of you. Perhaps you should consider looking up and even behind you. If not, you will lose out on an opportunity to enjoy all of today. Don't focus too hard on what lies ahead of you. Planning is good but living today is so much more rewarding. Develop your peripheral vision and senses too.

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