Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Blue Skies Over Pima
Pima Canyon
Tucson, AZ

Light and the absence of light has been an integral part of me. Early on in my life, I actually noticed a mood shift which winter and shorter days cast on me like a cloud blocking the sun. Without a true realization, early on I gravitated to the light and warmer climates. It really was not a shock that I chose to settle south of the Mason Dixon line. It was a natural migration towards light.

Although north central Texas has shorter winters, its winters still have deprive folks of some light as we follow the rest of the country and fall back to shorter days, when I need light the most, winter. Fortunately, during my travels to both central Mexico and the higher elevations of El Paso, I discovered the wonderful combination of bright light at higher altitudes and cooler dryer weather of the desert. Out doors, it became clear how my mood shifted as sun rays brightened my spirit and danced across arid landscapes.

Pima Canyon at Sunset
Tucson, AZ
It was in the barren high desert that I grew to appreciate the warm almost ember like glows reflected from mountains both in the dawn and at dusk. Shadow and light dance as partners to melody orchestrated by nature. We enjoy both among the opens spaces of the high desert.

Since I've come to Arizona, my late afternoons are filled with observation as are my weekends. Each day, I take mental notes of the lights play on the mountainous landscapes which surround me. The mountains become illuminated temples to the Gods. Nature forces us to observe the blushing mountains. Some say the mountains blush because embarrassed by our adoration.

In honor of their beauty, I will be preparing my recent Catalina Foothills and Pima Canyon Series on both canvas (gallery wraps) and a select luminous few printed on aluminum. These will soon be on exhibit and for sale at Tucson's Steinway Piano Gallery. Befittingly the images will rest at the foothills of my favorite subject: the majestic Catalinas.

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