Friday, March 8, 2013

Be Vigilant

Aravaipa Canyon
Near Mammoth, AZ

When I was in high school, we had a fantastic baseball coach, Meredith "Moe" Mohardt. Coach taught us the value of sportsmanship. A former pro ball player with the Chicago Cubs, he taught the baseball fundamentals as if it was catechism and sportsmanship was included in our training.

Coach was vigilant both on and off the field. As he was leading us to a victorious season and state championship, coach lost his cool over an umpire's call. For the first time ever, we saw Coach get into an umpire's face. It wasn't pretty; we even saw his neck veins pop out underneath his collar against his perpetual butch haircut.

As the dust settled and coach regained his composure; back in the dugout one player mustard up some courage. "Coach, what about sportsmanship?"  Coach smiled and realizing that he was caught and flawed said admitted the umpire's decision was final and added "That's for the next call." Coach knew the umpire would think twice next time.

So, I am vigilant not that I can change anything I see right now but the next time, I will be ready. When I shoot, I try to be ready for the capture not only now but for next time too. When I process and learn new techniques, I am always thinking how I might use them down the road.

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