Friday, December 7, 2012

Photographer: Al "Long-Shadow"

Photographer and Shadows

After spending some time in the high desert, it dawned on me that I should consider adopting a name more descriptive and suitable to my environs.  Given that I shoot mostly early in the AM and right before dusk, the name that best suits me is "Long-shadow". This is me now.

The desert forces me to find different subject matter. To most its natures scrap yard, not very pretty. To me however, it makes me notice details even further. I work in the fringes of light before its either too bright or dark. In fact you might even say, I work in the shadows of the morn and dusk.

My work is swift and precise. There's lots to accomplish before the coyote's howl and their pups chatter. The light is warm gentle and sweet but it moves quickly and dances by the nearby mountain peaks. It's either get the shot now or try and wait for tomorrow, it's my choice and my preference to get it all today, while I can.

It's the desert now remote and barren. Perhaps I've too much time on my hands or not enough time left. So many questions to answer. I just have one to ask God himself, why? There's an answer out there somewhere for me. I'm sure it is as obvious as the thorns on the cactus I see.

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