Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Enlightened in the Desert

Down The Road at Dusk
South of Tucson, AZ

Have been in a zone lately. It no longer matters to me which camera I use my iPhone or my Canon 5D Mark II. Most of my focus has been strictly composition. The equipment is second. Post processing plays a significant role but without composition, there's no story to tell.

Every day I am inspired by what I see. I've become a student not only of the desert but of the light. I tolerate having to go into work before 7AM just so I can be home to catch fabulous light. Each day, I measure its intensity and open my senses to the myriad of image possibilities. My compulsiveness has found its value as has my sensitivity.

This stage of my life is not about what I have but rather of the images that I dream of still taking. It's all I want besides my family. It provides me with boundless joy. So as a fellow sojourner, I share my experiences with you. A photographic John The Baptist or Moses in the desert, either one, you chose. As I am awakened by my senses, I also invite you to see and know as I am reminded: we are here for the purpose to enjoy life not merely to toil, suffer, and endure it.

There are many more sunsets to catch and more light to see. Welcome to my new series Enlightened in the Desert.

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