Sunday, December 9, 2012

Refresh Your Cache

Saguro National Park West: Petroglyphs
Tucson, AZ

After two dynamic weeks, I took some time this weekend to enjoy the surroundings near Tucson. Let's face it, Dallas/Fort Worth has many things going for it but natural beauty is not one of them. If you enjoy outdoor photography and landscapes the terrain of Arizona beckons.

Petroglyphs: Saguro National Park
Tucson, AZ
Andrew Ford,the gentleman who owns my casita, shares my same passion for the outdoors. He was kind enough to act as my guide recently at nearby Saguro National Park West. He told me how the native American relied 100% on their senses to determine their bearings. By expanding their peripheral vision and allowing their senses to guide them they developed very strong reliable internal compasses. They also learned to rely on the information their animal companions provided. Animal tracks and sounds all proved to a plethora of natural guidance.

Saguro Cactus Close Up
Today, few of us have developed these instincts. We certainly would be better off to listen to our own judgement than to accept blindly the guidance of others. Experience and nature willingly teach those who wish to receive and heed its advice. We should choose to listen if not observe.

The desert teaches more than patience. Its desolation enables to see further. The lack of detail forces actually forces us to notice them. We focus intently on everything thing we see. Our senses become sharper as we try to make sense of the barren landscape. In short time, we notice every bit of detail as is we were in a lush tropical rainforest. It takes an arid space to teach such valuable lessons. It takes an open refreshed mind to receive and process this information.

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