Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cleansing Rain

View From Down the Road After the Rain
Tucson, AZ
I've missed you so much now I'm whole againCome, come tonightJust hold me tightThis desert rain you're my guiding light-Edward Maya

Like a bachelor I cleaned up my space just in time; before my girlfriend of twenty-five years arrived. Nature did it's thing too providing us with a cleansing rain. Dusty roads and desert alike needed the rinsing as did the late autumn sky. Rainbows ended and filled the skies at the end of the first passing storm.

A pair of neighbors dropped by before I finished my Saturday chores. They brought their rescue dogs and much needed cheer. For whatever reasons I've felt as if I been on the remote fort in Dances With Wolves. I found myself isolated from the world and listening for signs of civilization. Instead I found my self surrounded by the company of nature and few humans. My humans friends disrupted my cleaning but it was a wonderful break to speak with enlightened folks.

Headed to Bisbee again today, this time to share my discoveries with Kim. It's good to have the companionship of your best friend. Wont need to listen to the coyotes howl tonight to keep me company. Suppose it's true, we males were meant to be accompanied. My puzzle piece is here. I've got to run, she's not woke up and I have a coffee cup or so to drink before we start our day.

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