Thursday, November 29, 2012

Creative Space

Cornwall Covered Bridge
West Cornwall, CT

Was wondering if a new job would alter my creativity. Thats something I truly fear. My creativity is what gets me through each day and smoothens the rough patches. It a place where I can withdraw from every care in the world. My creative space enables me to morph into my true self: a carefree person.

When I am in that place, I am filled with an inexplicable joy. It's an infatuation that I have with photography, it's more than a hobby, it's become an object of my spiritual affections. It's my true love, my passion. I not only choose to create but I have to create. My voice can't be stifled even though nobody maybe listening.

Each day for over a decade, I've devoted time to sneak away and give my passion special attention. Alone with my thoughts, I create. Each time trying to improve, each time trying to express with images what words alone cannot. This is how I see the world. It requires patience and the awakening of senses.

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