Monday, December 10, 2012

Tread Lightly

Tread Lightly
Bisbee, Az

Spent all of yesterday in Bisbee, AZ a place that artists and left over hippies alike call home. It's akin to Santa Fe,but real, it's a kin to San Miguel de Allende. This old mining received a renaissance about a starting in the '70's and again in the 90's it is awash with color and colorful people.

As I walked across the town and sought nooks and crannies to photograph, I happened to spot this bumper sticker on a beat up old truck. The wording drew my attention: "I am not the enemy". 

At a time when patriotism is questioned by virtue of which party you are aligned with or which gender you choose to marry, I found that these words resonated with me. The flag next to it made the point further. 

Patriotism comes in all sizes and colors and transcends our personal political preferences and even, for that matter, sexual preferences. That fact that we can be different and can vote differently makes me proud to stand beneath our flag on any given day. We may not agree on most issues but on one we can: we are Americans.

While this is not one of my prettiest images, there's a story to be told. Americas history is behind it but it's future is right square ahead of it. First and foremost we are Americans. Americans can set aside their differences and rally around this flag. Our flag like the statue of liberty in the New York harbor is inclusive. It's important that we not forget. We should tread lightly and respect each other and in so doing we honor those that paid the greatest sacrifice, their lives.

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