Sunday, December 30, 2012

Been A While

Still Waters Of Sabino Canyon
Tucson, AZ

It's been a hectic end of season. My travels took me back to Texas to celebrate Christmas with my family and then again back to Tucson. What was suppose to be a straight flight back, thanks to bad weather, turned out to be a hopscotch trip which included a flight to El Paso and a rental car drive back to Tucson. Weary but glad to be able to make my final destination, I limped back to Tucson by midweek.

A Desert Oasis: Sabino Canyon
Tucson, AZ
An abbreviated work week and the stresses of a new job added to my anxieties. By the week's end, I sorely needed not to think and to recompose. Someone mentioned Sabino Canyon to me and I thought about getting away for a hike.

The canyon lured me in with its many trails and the promise of higher elevations and outstanding topography. Even on a contrasty day, it's a photographer and painter's paradise. My eyes were open wide as was my heart and I was able to absorb what nature had to offer. What sweet visual and mental repose I was able to capture. A half-day and over ten miles of hiking later, my tired body meandered down the canyon side back to my parked car.

A note for the those who have followed my work, given that I didn't know what to expect and the fact that I started my adventure by midday, I chose to keep my photography simple by design. All I brought with me was two iPhones. It wasn't my intention nor did I believe that I would find images worth taking. Within a short distance Sabino Canyon proved me wrong. Thanks to my friends Dan Burkholder and Harry Sandler, I didn't let the limitations of equipment come into play. The iPhone proved to be an adequately sufficient too.

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