Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dance Trio

Russian Bellydancer: Telling Stories

Have been still working on my bellydance series and trying to understand the nuances of the dance. In the process, part of my discovery has been that the dance is truly universal. It has an international following among passionate women who enjoy the art of bellydance and self expression.

Puerto Rican Dancer:
As a photographer, my role is to convey the artistry of bellydance and to move my audience, not only by hip sways, but by capturing the hundreds of details found during the performance. Those unfamiliar with the dancing may think that it's simply about scant clothing but its truly more. It's about beautiful costumes and the celebration of the exotic over the erotic. This is not about taking off clothing or exhibitionism. Its about art and how it moves and can move you.
Vietnamese Dancer:
At any event, Hafla,  the audience witnesses the diversity which the dance both embodies and embraces. You do not have to be of Arabic descent to enjoy it. You will vicariously get caught up in the pleasure of the women who dance and train their bodies to absorb rhythms and drum beats that may have once been foreign to them. 

It's the arts, visual, musical, and dance that provide us with purpose and enjoyment. The presence of the arts unifies us under one common blood type. That blood type lends hope to idea that we have more in common than we have differences.

No I am not taking images of exposed skin but rather I am capturing exposed emotion. Feelings are part of my passion for the art of photography. Conveying emotion on a two dimensional surface is my challenge. To this extent this project has enabled me to comprehend the experience of the dance from both spectator and dancers' perspective. My conclusion is simply this if I had to choose between dancer or spectator in life, dancing would always win out.

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