Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Los Lobos

Aspens and Ferns
Kebler Pass, Near Crested Butte
Look Deep into nature and then you will understand everything better.
-Albert Einstein

The woods do funny things to city dwellers unaccustomed to the outdoors. Can't say that this city slicker's forte is camping either but I will do anything for the sake of photography. After two days of camping I was not only exhausted from sleep deprivation induced by both the altitude and camping discomforts, but I was quite ripe from poor hygiene. I discovered my true scent and I can't quite say if I loved it but I can say that I was ready to be cleansed from myself.

As evening fell I heard in the distance the howling of what I believed were wolves. My guide, friend, and fellow photographer, Adam, said to me kindly: "Al there are I believe only two wolves in all of Colorado."

My response was swift and keen given the altitude and sleeplessness. "Then, I think I just heard them both." At that point of exhaustion neither wolves nor coyotes made a difference.

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