Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kent Falls

Kent Falls State Park
Kent, CT
No visit is complete to the Connecticut Berkshires without traveling along picturesque Route 7 and visiting the Covered Bridge in Sharon, CT and observing the 250' cascade at Kent Falls State Park in nearby Kent. Like a good tourist I paid homage to both on my journey. Yes, I became a tourist something I never had the opportunity to do while growing up in Connecticut.

Guilty as charged. Who could however resist the charm of this cascade. The opportunity was all mine to enjoy the solitude in front of this natural shrine. It was an opportunity to commune with nature and to enjoy my own morning devotion.

The universe has always spoken clearly to me through nature. I don't feel alone when I absorb what it yields. It shares with me the same timelessness it has revealed to those before me human and animal alike.

This day, I stop and contemplate what flows before me and what will continue to flow. Someday, I will drift in the water and flow on past the brooks, streams, and waters and on into the endless sea. With good fortune, I will have had the opportunity to enjoy it all.

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