Wednesday, October 10, 2012

More To the Story

Celebrating Life
Lidia Dalida
Plano, TX

Been studying all of the different intricacies of belly dance. It seems that the best way to learn is by observing the details frame by frame. The more I look the more I notice. It's so important to capture all of the dance in the image.

My job is more than the just what a two dimensional print has to offer. My goal is to introduce a third dimension one that actually brings the image to life. Something that makes it personal and touches the viewer.

If I could I would even introduce music into the equation so that the experience would be more complete.  Now I find myself listening to the same music that these dancers are working to choreograph melodies by Mario Kirlis. As you listen to the melodies you note that not all of the pieces are full of drums but rather lyrical romantic tunes that are more about unrequited love and dreams. As you listen to the music the choreography becomes easier to picture.

To the discerning belly dance aficionado the Egyptian forms of dance are better accompanied by the longing tunes of Mario Kirlis', Little Baladi or Awal Suhur rather than what we visualize by Shakira's Ojos Asi. The Egyptian form of belly dance leans heavily on the side of deliberate and exotic. The story telling is more deliberate and enunciated by the body and hand movements. Hopefully, these images of my friend, instructor, Lidia Dalida help tell the story.

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