Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Scenery Change

Saguaro Trinity
Ballantine Trailhead
Maricopa County, Arizona

Antoine de Saint-Exupery 

Can't say most love change or for that matter embrace it. However change is a part of life, we change, life changes us, we age, the world spins, seasons change, days change, the world changes. Change accompanies us in life. To some extent its the seasoning that makes life different and stimulating.

When you travel in the desert the changes are drastic and exacerbated by the contrast of light and shadows. Instead of noticing the green life, we notice the shapes of landscapes, rocks, and sparse vegetation. We notice the distant because we can see clearly for what appears to be endless miles. As a photographer, we notice life changes.

There's no doubt that the changes facing me are more of what I want out of my life. What I want to experience through my senses. How I want to live each last breath that I have. I want to chronicle it and  jam my life full, no regrets. 

In the movie the King's Speech, the stammering sovereign struggled to find his voice. He knew and felt in his soul that he had something to say. That inner struggle is something I can empathize with. 

Finding one's voice is the most difficult and most meaningful thing in this life. At that point, the point where and when you find it, your life feels complete and full of purpose and meaning. My photography aids me in expressing my voice, my passion, and my feelings towards a life I want to completely experience without fear but with with enthusiasm and joy for each day that the universe provides me.

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